Recently, I was apart of a group of women who spent 8 weeks together pursuing our purpose. We went through a 30 day journal (which can be found here: Purpose Journal) that broke down our spiritual gifts, then intertwined them with our talents and passions. It helped to organize our thoughts and our time in order to start living in our purpose.

The week leading up to our second meeting, we were tasked with listing characteristics that we loved about ourselves. Easy right? WRONG. We all struggled. We could easily point qualities out about others, but when it came to ourselves, we were lost.

This moment made me think about why this is the case? Why did I struggle to see my own qualities?

As women (and men) we care for and nurture others almost instinctively. We leave ourselves for last after husbands (wives), children, mothers, fathers, friends, work, etc. By the time we get to ourselves there is little to nothing left.

At that moment during the meeting I decided to start writing things down about myself that I loved. It felt kind of weird at first because I am not a vain person, and I don’t like talking about myself a lot, but it was necessary. Appreciating yourself in the present, can propel you through discouraging times and moments of self-doubt in the future. 

This Thanksgiving I challenge you to take time and be thankful for you! We can get caught up in only being thankful for things and others that sometimes we forget to be thankful for the qualities and gifts that we posses. Now, I’m not saying don’t be thankful for everything and everyone in your life, just don’t forget about YOU.

The words I chose for myself this Thanksgiving are BOLD, STRONG, & BEAUTIFUL. I am bold. Sometimes too bold! If I believe in something then I will stand 100% behind it. I am bold in my faith and I do not have the spirit of fear (I like to use uncomfortable instead of the word fear). 

I am stronger than I realize at times. This is good and bad because I carry a lot and am strong and carry a lot for others. Strong people are rarely asked if they are okay, and this can be a downside. But! I love this quality about myself and I wouldn’t change it. 

Beauty is not just skin deep, it’s something that radiates from within. My heart and soul are my most beautiful characteristics. I am a giver, motivator, and protector which are all things that operate from the heart. 

I challenge you to comment below with your characteristics that you are thankful for!

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Fierce chick living in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Redefining who I am, and who I want to be. Designer, stylista, mover & shaker. Lover of God, my family, and good food and drinks. Fulfilling my destiny one day at a time.

One thought on “Thanksgiving: self-thanks challenge

    Hi Cam, sorry I’m late, I want to make sure to support your blog. This is also good for me 🙂

    I’m saying that I’m STRONG; why? I endure a LOT. I do not really lean on others for much support I tend to go to the Lord for EVERYTHING. Sometimes I may lean on others and ask them to pray for me during my storm, but that’s the extent of it. I think that makes me strong and very private.

    SOCIAL- Now you think that if I don’t talk about my business how can I be social. I’ll tell you why. I LOVE having fun, sharing creative ideas and hearing others stories. People tend to talk to me alot and I guess that makes me a good listener!

    COMPASSIONATE- First word that comes to mind is my heart to forgive. Man, Cam I be helllllllllllllllllllllllllla mad at people at first but then when they asked me to forgive I always sayI already forgive you. I always want to help others in their time of need and not even when I just have it. I will go ask somebody for it before I tell you no. I can’t even sleep knowing someone I love is in need. Even strangers on the news, I can’t watch the news daily. My heart will ache to bad.

    Thanks Cam, hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.


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