Earlier this year in January I had the opportunity to attend and amazing event put on by Lady Vanika Lewis and the women of my church (Fresh Start Church) in Vallejo, CA.

I remember hesitating to purchase my ticket because I didn’t know what to expect, and that gave me some anxiety. After telling my mom about it we decided to get tickets about a week before the event.  

My mom and I shopping before the event started (January 2018)

We entered the auditorium and were met with smiling faces and hugs at the door. The lobby was filled with vendors selling everything from t-shirts, to accessories, and even tea! After making a few purchases, we found our seats as songs of praise and worship were being lead by incredible singers and a full band. 

The main event of the night was a panel discussion featuring women in different walks of life (single, married, divorced, therapists) who answered questions women had on relationships, marriage, healing, and waiting. It was inspiring to hear their stories and to know that I was not alone and to be encouraged to keep moving forward. 

I was so amazed by the impact that was made on women this year, that I decided to join the committee for January 19, 2019! I believe that an even bigger impact will be made this year through the sharing of women’s stories of survival! As women, we face challenges daily and sometimes we think we are the only ones to ever deal with them, but that isn’t true! There’s nothing like hearing the stories of other women to keep you encouraged and inspired. Our VIP tickets have already sold out, so don’t wait. Get your army print outfits ready and meet me there!

Read more about the event, and get your tickets HERE!

Do you or someone you know have an incredible story of survival? Nominate them here by December 10, 2018 to be a featured testimony that night! 

Video of 2018 Ladies Night Out
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