I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “what made you create bow ties?”. Well, I started because I had male family members and friends who wanted to support my business, but I only made dresses and items for women. My thought process was, “what can I make that supports my brand image, but satisfies the demand?” From that, the bow ties happened!

When I choose the style and fabric of the tie I think about what I would want to see my future husband in. Classy, bold, confident are the keywords when I make my selection. I love a man who can accessorize and put his outfits together (but if he can’t I can certainly do it for him! LOL!). My ties will always have vibrant colors, patterns, and prints. Cam-Marie is not the designer to choose if you are looking for basic.

My bow ties began to take over and became the top selling items that I sold! I have challenged myself to give my customers more of what they are asking for, so you will be seeing 2-3 new bow ties added to my collection every week! For starters, the 3 above have been added to kick things off. Check them out and order here!

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Fierce chick living in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Redefining who I am, and who I want to be. Designer, stylista, mover & shaker. Lover of God, my family, and good food and drinks. Fulfilling my destiny one day at a time.

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